Picture of Giorgi, Head of App Development

Meet Giorgi, our Head of App Development

We at Scanbro were very happy to welcome Giorgi from Georgia to our team in Spring. As he now has had time to settle with us a little, we asked him a couple of questions and are excited to share this interview:  

What were your first thoughts when you heard about Scanbro?

When I first heard about Scanbro I was intrigued by the idea. Creating a better way to manage supply chain in different industrial settings with cutting edge technology development really appealed to me. 

Working on an agile tool, which can be adapted to a specific characteristic of each client and solve their standing problems is very exciting.

What do you feel is the best part of working at Scanbro? 

Scanbro has a unique, innovative, and dynamic work environment that makes my work so much more exciting. I am happy that I get to work with professionals who are passionate about the product and are working to achieve a common goal. 

Highly collaborative work culture which is open to new ideas and creative solutions is the part I enjoy the most at Scanbro. Moreover, having an opportunity and freedom to contribute to different aspects of the company such as the app and hardware development is one the best aspects of working here. 

Besides, great opportunities I have to highlight great communication within the team, as the only international member of the team I really appreciate that everyone is talking in English, everyone knows what the current status is, and what are the next steps.  

Why do you believe in Scanbro’s information services? 

I strongly believe that by automating mundane and time-consuming management processes we can save a lot of resources and the smart solutions Scanbro provides for the standing problems in the industry will greatly improve productivity of the companies.

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