Scanbro becomes Invendor

We announce our rebranding from Scanbro to Invendor: Bringing Innovation to Industrial Vending Solutions

Written on June 21, 2023


Scanbro, a provider of VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) software and hardware solutions for industrial vendors, proudly announces its brand name change from Scanbro to Invendor. This strategic decision reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and its vision to revolutionize industrial vending solutions.

Where is the name coming from?

Invendor, derived from the words “vendor”, “inventor”, and “inventory” represents the company’s dedication to bringing cutting-edge advancements to the industrial vending industry. By combining state-of-the-art technology with a comprehensive understanding of vendors’ needs, Invendor is reshaping how goods are managed and distributed at customers’ premises.

The Invendor VMI solution enables vendors to provide their goods on consignment, ensuring that customers always have the necessary inventory readily available. Through a seamless integration of software and hardware, Invendor streamlines inventory management, automates replenishment, and enhances operational efficiency for vendors of all sizes.

Comments from our CEO

“The rebranding to Invendor marks an exciting chapter for our company,” said Joonas, CEO and Co-Founder of Invendor. “We are dedicated to empowering vendors by equipping them with the most advanced, user-friendly, and scalable VMI solution in the market. The new brand name encompasses our commitment to innovation and reflects the transformative impact we aim to bring to industrial vending practices.”

What else is behind our new name?

The name Invendor not only emphasizes the word “vendor,” representing the company’s core market, but also incorporates the concept of an “inventor.” Invendor brings forth new ideas and inventive solutions to address the evolving challenges faced by vendors in managing their inventory effectively.

Furthermore, Invendor signifies the crucial role vendors play in the supply chain by being “in vendor.” With the Invendor solution, vendors have greater control and visibility over their inventory while ensuring seamless availability of goods to their customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What will happen to agreements with Scanbro?

During this transition, customers, partners, and stakeholders can expect the same exceptional level of service and support they have come to rely on from Scanbro. The brand name change does not impact any existing contracts, agreements, or ongoing business relationships.
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About Invendor

Invendor is a leading provider of VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) software and hardware solutions for industrial vendors. With a passion for innovation, the company revolutionizes industrial vending practices, offering cutting-edge technology and comprehensive inventory management solutions. Invendor is dedicated to empowering vendors by providing user-friendly, scalable, and efficient solutions that optimize inventory control and enhance customer satisfaction.

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