Turn your warehouse into a self-service store

Use our mobile scanner app to automate all purchases and internal warehouse operations. Hardware free.


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Why ScanRoom

Automate your warehouse with a smartphone

No hardware
No set-up costs

Connect with your suppliers

Attach extra data

Make stock counting fast

Suitable for most labels

Customize reports according to your needs

Easy to manage user rights

Connect with other systems

Supports Android and iOS devices

Extra services

Use the same application for other functions

Tool tracking

Equipment renting

Have a combined solution

ScanLocker and ScanRoom combination

Use the same app for ScanLocker and ScanRoom

Keep some goods in the locker for 24/7 availability and control the access
Store other goods and products in larger sizes on the warehouse shelves

Why digitalize?

Save time and have a peace of mind

Make most orders automatic

Stop keeping track of your supplies manually and let the system work for you.

Eliminate work stoppages

Increase product availability and have less last-minute orders.

Keep inventory levels optimal

Have fewer excess goods and ask vendors to supply goods on consignment terms.

Save time to focus on your main tasks

Spend only seconds to register warehouse operations.

How does it work

Follow five easy steps

01 Agree on product range and prices

02 Agree on the delivery interval and reorder points

03 Store the goods in your warehouse

04 Register purchases with the app

05 Send new orders automatically

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Invendor helps to turn your warehouse into a self-managing store. Ready to get started?