Invendor Capture


Manage the usage of consumables in a storeroom environment with the Invendor smartphone application.


Join other buyers using Invendor

Why ScanRoom

Get orders directly from customers' shelves

No investments
No set-up costs

Quick onboarding

Suitable for all products

Suitable for most labels

Share operating fees

User convenience

Extra benefits for your customers

Attach extra data to product usage

Manage user rights

Track tools with the same app

Manage other warehouse operations

Provide a combined solution

ScanLocker and ScanRoom combination

Use the same app for ScanLocker and ScanRoom

Keep some goods in the locker for 24/7 availability and control the access
Store other goods and products in larger sizes on the warehouse shelves

Why VMI?

Establish long-term partnerships

Keep customers loyal to your services

Establish long-term agreements with your clients and make their purchasing convenient.

Grow revenue with existing customers

Customer convenience will grow your product portfolio and increases cross-sales.

Win new customers

Increase your competitive advantage by providing goods on consignment in an affordable way.

Automate your sales

Get purchase orders automatically and focus on actual sales activities.

How does it work

Follow five easy steps

01 Agree on product range and prices

02 Agree on the delivery interval and reorder points

03 Send the goods to customer's warehouse

04 Ask your customer to scan goods with our app

05 Receive new purchase orders automatically

Invendor helps to keep customers loyal and grow your business. Ready to get started?