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with onsite
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We help B2B industrial distributors to make vendor-managed inventory affordable with smartphone-operated lockers and warehouses.


Join other distributors and manufacturers using Invendor

Many distributors are forced to use costly vending machines to sell their goods

We have created an affordable hardware and software solution for offering vendor-managed inventory. The open network solution can be shared with other distributors and have additional benefits to clients.

Why Invendor

Become completely smartphone-operated

ScanRoom turns your customer warehouse into a self-service store

Does your customer have an access-controlled warehouse? They can simply use our smartphone app to register their purchases and make all future purchases automatic.


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ScanLocker is a 24/7 popup store anywhere your customer needs

Does your customer require easy access to your goods 24/7? Install the smartphone-operated locker anywhere on their premises.

Why Invendor

Share the benefits with customers and partners

Your customers can use additional features and receive benefits

It is more than just an onsite self-service store. Your customers can use the application for tool tracking, making automatic bookkeeping documents, and much more.

Share the solution and investments with other distributors

If more than one distributor is selling via Invendor solution, it becomes more affordable for all parties. And if there is excess space in your ScanLocker, you can rent it to other distributors.


Why Invendor

Manage in the cloud or integrate your system

Manage your self-service stores in our cloud-based web portal

Easily set up stores, add products, manage users, and get business intelligence to manage everything efficiently.

Build integrations easily with our API

Offer your customers a convenient purchase process and integrate your internal warehouse and sales workflows with Invendor’s software.

How it works

Five steps to get you going

01 Delivery

The distributor deliveres the goods to the customer

02 Storage

The customer stores the goods in ScanRoom or in ScanLocker

03 Purchase

The customer purchases the goods with our mobile app

04 Data transfer

The purchase data is transferred to both parties

05 Calculation

The system calculates and sends the new order to the distributor

Case study

How it really works?

Alas-Kuul has opened more than 80 self-service stores with us

You can read how Alas-Kuul is making 15 inventory turns a year, and how they are ahead of the competition by selling goods via self-service stores.

Invendor helps to make customers loyal and grow your business. Ready to get started?